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Cultured Marble, Onyx & Granite Products

To preserve the high-gloss surface for years to come, it is recommended using a soft dry towel or chamois daily to remove excess soap and water spots. Periodically apply a good quality auto wax or cultured marble wax (Gel-Gloss is highly recommended) to maintain its shine and to give this product a protective coating. NEVER use scouring pads or powders to clean this product as they will damage the high-gloss surface.

Use a 3M Scratch Pad if your satin finish product should become shiny in spots or slightly scratched. Mild soaps and liquid or spray bathroom cleaners will take care of everyday soil. Countertop Magic is highly recommended for this finish.

Excessively HOT water is not recommended for everyday use. DO NOT leave moisture/water under soap dishes, glasses, etc. for long periods of time, as discoloration may occur.